Control the crowds

  • Counting system to know the number of entries and exits in real-time
  • To inform visitors and the site manager
  • To allow or not the access to spaces

Attendance and waiting time

  • Real-time measurement of on-site attendance and waiting time
  • Pedestrian flows at entrances
  • Distribution of waiting times: number of people waiting 1min, 2min,...
  • Dashboard and web app to follow the flows of people, attendances, occupancy rates, waiting times,...

Attendance and waiting time predictions

  • Real-time traffic management : forecasting travel times, sending alerts in case of high people densities,...
  • Dynamic optimization of resources: reception staff and desks,...
  • Improvement of visitor comfort (Quality of mobility)

Interactive screen management system

  • Allows user requests: guidance, vote, quiz, game...
  • Manageable in real time by an organizer: displays a message (evacuation, containment, reminder of the start of a conference, new schedule...)
  • Compatible with any screen

Smart data driven screens

  • Content changes automatically (prioritized scenarios) based on traffic, waiting time, or other available data
  • Reorientation of visitors to available reception desks or less dense areas

Pedestrian flow planning

  • Configure in advance spaces that will welcome the public
  • Account for centers of interest of the visitors
  • Predict congested areas
  • Releasing an audience into a space